Piling a Precondition For Any Construction Project

Construction work slows traffic to a crawl! Oh no, not again! You may not even spend half an hour thumbing through the newspapers in the morning but often you have come across such news that traffic came to a halt due to ongoing construction work. A few years back it was a common phenomenon and even you must have suffered and got delayed for an appointment due to piling and construction activities on the road. But thanks to the constant up-gradation of technology now they will be the thing of the past CMILC.

But first let me tell you about Piling. For any building, house or concrete structure to be built well you must require an extremely strong foundation and underground structural base that supports the building. To set a deep foundation for buildings and other structures piling is exceedingly important. Piling is considered as a precondition for any construction project needed to provide a strong support to the structure at the foundation level.

The conventional method of piling comprises of a heavy weight placed between guides so that it can freely slide up and down in a single line. They are placed upon the pile of wood, concrete or steel and weight is increased with the use of hydraulics, steam, diesel, or manual labor. When the weight reaches its highest point it is then released and smashed on the pile so that it can be driven into the ground.

Nowadays hydraulic pile driver is preferred over other methods as they are environment friendly, vibration free and generate negligible noise and pollutants. They enable greater press-in and extraction force to be used as more reaction force is developed in the process.

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